Always & Forever

Event Center

1743 W. McCormick
Amarillo Texas 79118


About Us

Always & Forever was a dream for owner Jayme Fehr for many years.  She always invisioned it to be her retirement plan but God had more in store for her.  She was diagnosed with stage 3 Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in March of 2016.  The adventure to save her life was incredible and was nothing short of a miracle performed by our almighty God, feel free to ask her about her story she loves sharing it!  

After that it was obvious to her that life is short and retirement may be too far off to chase her dreams. So we started building and were blessed to have our first Always & Forever wedding in November of 2017.  The Lord blessed us in many ways with Always & Forever and in return we make it a mission to honor God in all that we do.  We are called to LOVE every single person that walks through our doors.  Though we have very strong beliefs in our Lord and his word we do not require that those getting married here share our beliefs.  Any man and woman wanting to be married in our venue are welcome and loved.  We pray for our Always & Forever couples and want to bless your marriage in any way we can. 

We built the venue from the ground up and we take great pride in our facility and in our top of the line service to each wedding party.  We want your guests to feel honored while in attendance at your wedding and it is our desire to give every bride and groom their dream wedding.